Melissa C.

"I went in feeling like I already knew social media can be consuming but that I, for the most part, have it under control. Upon leaving, I felt like the workshop really illuminated ways that it hinders me, gives me anxiety, distracts me, makes me buy things I don't need, etc etc. I just took it for some perspective and wasn't actually planning on doing a detox, but now I definitely do, to challenge myself, and to see how I feel during and after."

Miriam J.

This week was a welcomed break from social media - I was honestly super hesitant at first but your workshop inspired me to lean into the discomfort and take the leap into a social media free week. I now don’t want to go back! I’m feeling calmer and happier about my work and I’m free from internet driven insecurities and FOMO. Your guidance combined with creating space from my device helped me identify the unhealthy reliance I have on certain apps - with this heightened awareness I’m confident that I can return with more intention than I did previously. Thank you Erika!!


                  "My detox is over and it was literally so amazing. Thank you for encouraging this!".

LAUREN K.               "Erika's Intention-Setting Hike not only helped me clarify that what I wanted out of every area of                                        my life was accountability (my word of the year!).  Constantly considering my accountability                                                helped me lose weight for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.  I even manifested everything I wrote to                                          my future self in a letter -- including some lofty goals and the seemingly unattainable: an                                                    amazing romantic relationship.  Erika's humorous and simplified explanations of how to                                                      approach life make her really relatable as a leader.  What a joy it was to spend the beginning of                                        my year laying out a path to success and I left feeling excited for the year ahead!!"

ANON.                "Reflecting on my past year and looking at it through a positive lens really made me re-frame how I                                 thought and continue to think about difficult times.  It helped me put everything into perspective.                                 Erika totally gamified the process with fun, interactive, collaborative tasks and kept the                                                       conversation open.  The dialogue with peers as well as Erika's funny anecdotes made the day fly by!                                 I now have a better outlook on the past, present and some new friends!"