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Two weekends ago, flying back from Seattle, I was thinking about my Halloween costume. Which lead me to worry about how much time isn’t left yet in the year.

What am I really going to get done before Jan. 1?
Is this all I have to say for myself for 2017?
I alternated between playing the victim ("Why not me?!") and beating myself up ("Of course, not me!")

Though this episode may have been fueled in part by turbulence (#realtalk), I’m glad it happened because it inspired me to pull myself out of this familiar year-end spiral that's never actually helped.  

I couldn’t feel bad enough to motivate myself to change.  

Plus, the spiral just wasn’t the truth.

I wanted a better way to see how far I’ve come this year, make the most of the coming weeks and empower myself going into the New Year.

I couldn’t find any workshops to help me accomplish this, so I created one.


December 2, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA | 12-2pm at Neuehouse, $10
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When you do that, I’ll save your seat.

If you feel like you're still in the same place you were last year (perhaps literally and figuratively) while everyone else around you seems to be hitting those major life or career milestones, I hope you’ll join me.

You'll walk away with a fresh perspective on just how much you've actually changed, grown and accomplished — and what to do about the stuff still sitting on the back burner that didn't materialize.

That way, you'll be ready to start visioning ahead for 2018 (just in time for my intention-setting hike in January;)


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