• Is "Fine." your most commonly-used response when people ask "How's it going?"
  • Have you purchased your fair share of throw blankets lately (all for the purpose of hiding under)?
  • If you had to admit to yourself, you've been indulging in your favorite time suck (Netflix, Social Media, the News app, mind-numbing foods) a lot more than usual -- even for you?
  • Maybe you relate to this:  

Then join me Sunday, March 11 from 12pm - 2:30pm for a compelling talk about how you can shake things up to get more out of life. More fun. More surprise. More excitement. More time.  More Connection.

  • You'll walk away with concrete steps on what you start implementing in your daily life to bust through your rut
  • A fresh perspective on what your "time sucking habits" are trying to tell you
  • The boldness necessary to make changes in your routine so you can beat the blahhhhs

To reserve your spot RSVP below so we both know you're for real.  

The investment in the workshop is $12.00.

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